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beatXP Encourages You to “#KhudKoBana Fearlessly” in New Campaign Ft. Ali Fazal

“Before you build anything else, you’ve gotta build yourself”

You may have to start from scratch, or unknowingly you might be half way there. But whatever the situation, you need to be your own hero, your biggest cheerleader and your own strength. 

Time and tide wait for none. You don’t want to wake up 5 years later, and regret why you didn’t set your own goals and desires or why you didn’t focus on being consistent towards your ambitions. #KhudKoBana campaign by beatXP reminds you to applaud and appreciate your journey, set new challenges everyday, focus hard, show discipline, consistency and be limitless. 

Everyday the sun rises, it’s a new beginning, a new opportunity to chase adventures and set your own records. It’s true that life has never been fair but it’s the experiences you go through, the battles you fight and the hurdles you overcome that help you in the process of #KhudKoBana fearlessly. 

The brand film by beatXP deeply resonates with each and everyone of us working towards becoming the best version of ourselves. It encourages you to not just survive another day, but live it.. And live it fearlessly. Who knows what tomorrow will bring, you have today, why not try to be the best today? 

Let us all unite in the journey of finding ourselves and building our strongest version. No matter how hard it is, no matter how many times you feel like giving up, remember you might just be a step away.

beatXP’s #KhudKoBana campaign stars Ali Fazal, one of the most versatile, fit and adventurous actors of our times. Aligning perfectly with our message, he reminds the audience that there is no shortcut to success. The path may seem full of obstacles but it’s the journey of building yourself that matters. 


Get Extra 25% OFF on beatXP Whey Proteins

The ad film also introduces you to EDIT whey protein– the first nutritional supplement product by beatXP. An innovation in the whey protein industry, EDIT, with its “Har Din Ek Naya Flavor” concept, offers you the chance to break the monotonous cycle and try something new and challenging every day of the week. It has a diverse range of best flavors like Chocolate, Mango, Cinnamon Chocolate, Blueberry, Khajur, Kulfi and Coffee.


beatXP Gold and Performance are also genuine whey protein supplements that help you recover faster, and enhance your performance. They come under the category of zero sugar whey protein, ensuring you get authentic whey, which is 100% raw and imported from the USA.

Are you ready to EDIT? 



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