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Best Smartwatches Under 3000 in India

Are you a fitness enthusiast constantly looking for a device(smartwatches) that can be your perfect health butler? Be it your morning or evening runs, your gym workout, or a basketball game followed by a swimming session or a Zumba class; we have the ultimate fitness and health companion for you. 

beatXP smartwatches are budget-friendly tech marvels designed to be unstoppable and to help you find more and more ways to stay active and fit. Curated especially with multiple sports modes, you track every move and step while keeping an active check on your health vitals like spo2, heart rate, and even your sleep hours. 

Don’t worry; we have kept the budget under check.

In this article, we bring you the best smartwatches under 3000 INR that perfectly fit your style and class and encourage you to crush your fitness goals daily. 

beatXP Vega Series Smartwatches 

Who doesn’t love a classic round-dial smartwatch? Now imagine a fine crystal-like 1.43″ HD display that aesthetically appeals to you when you see it. The Vega Series radiates brilliance and elegance and shines bright on your wrist whenever you step out. 

How is it perfect for health and fitness? 

The Vega series features two stunning smartwatches- Vega and VegaX. These smartwatches have 100+ sports modes and track every move, giving you an insight into your activity all day. null

While you are working out or dancing your heart out, Vega and Vega X constantly monitor your heart health, beats per minute, so that you know how your heart is feeling. Apart from that, your blood oxygen is also being measured all the time, and the minute there is something wrong, you will notice it immediately and can take the desired action. 

You don’t have to worry about your battery draining out every hour. The Vega series features a 330mAh battery with magnetic charging so that you go on adventures uninterrupted. 

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beatXP Unbound Neo

Crafted for unbound brilliance, beatXP Unbound Neo is your perfect health companion. Featuring a 1.8″ display, beatXP Unbound Neo is equipped with 100+ sports modes. You can start your day with a run, a workout, swimming, pilates- whatever you like, and the watch will track your progress.

With accurate fitness data on your wrist all the time, you are encouraged to do better and ace your fitness goals. The other powerful metric of Unbound Neo is health monitoring. The watch watches over your health and sleep round the clock, with a long battery life that doesn’t drain every other hour. 

A plus point for women, Unbound Neo also offers you the option to track your menstrual cycle to prepare and stay on top of your game. Additionally, IP68 water resistance, in-built games and watch faces contribute to the beauty of this remarkable smartwatch. 

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The Marvelous Marv Series 

You will not find a more budget-friendly smartwatch than the Marv Series by beatXP. Featuring three stunning smartwatches- Marv, Marv Neo and Marv Super, this series is ideally your perfect partner for fitness and health. 

While Marv offers you 70+ active sports modes, Marv Neo has 60+ sports modes. Running, walking, jogging, cycling, and swimming are the top ones, followed by core training, dancing etc. If you are still looking for more ways to stay active, go for Marv Super, which is equipped with 100+ sports modes at an unbeatable price of 2199 INR only. null

You can also constantly monitor your health parameters on the Marv series, helping you keep your health insights within sight. 

The price range for this series is 1199 INR for Marv Neo and 2499 INR for Marv. 

The battery life is long, IP68 water resistance is present in all three watches, and BT calling is one vital feature of the Marv series. 

We are rooting for a fit, happier, healthier India. With our range of smartwatches, we hope to encourage and inspire people of all ages to be active and take charge of their bodies. We hope you find what you’re looking for, and if you still want more options.

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