Massage Gun: Myths Vs Facts

Massage guns are gaining popularity with every passing day. Most of us have heard or seen celebrities, health & fitness influencers, and professional athletes raving about their benefits and claiming that they have the best massage gun. But does a massage gun work in reality? 

Before buying a massage gun, a consumer has to consider the best and worst-case scenarios. Moreover, the quality of a massage gun also varies from one manufacturer to the other. After all, we would not want to get an unwanted surprise! 

So, before we discuss whether or not a massage is worth the investment, let’s understand the product first. Then we’ll explore if the massage guns live up to the expectations.


What is a Massage Gun?

A massage gun is a portable, handheld device that mostly looks like a power drill. The concept behind a massage gun is using percussion or vibration therapy to promote blood flow in a specific area and reduce inflammation and muscle tension. 

They are utilized before and after workout sessions depending on each individual’s needs. Though a massage gun is designed to be used by anyone, they are most popular among fitness enthusiasts and endurance athletes. Fortunately, there are different types of massage guns available in the market, each with specific usage and benefits. 

It is important that you don’t just feel intimidated by the flashy ads of a massage gun. To buy the best massage gun, you should put some effort into analyzing its benefits and limitations.


Myths Vs Facts – Do Massage Guns Really Work?

The functionality of a massage gun is debatable for many people. There are so many myths spreading around about the product that it is very difficult to predict its usability without actually trying them. 

So, today, we are going to bust the myths and show you the reality about massager guns.

Do Massage Guns Really Work? Know All About Massage Guns


Myth: Massage guns are only a wellness sham and don’t have a practical use.

Fact: Massage guns help with muscle soreness, stiffness, and recovery. 

Whenever a new product is released in the market, every competitor and consumer questions its authenticity. As massage guns are a new technology, it is natural to consider the product as a sham without any actual benefits. 

However, various studies and many consumers have verified that these massage guns are actually at par with actual massage therapies. The percussion improves the blood circulation in the body part and paces up the recovery process, thereby alleviating the pain and restoring mobility.


Myth: All massage guns have the same features and usability, i.e., they are built the same. 

Fact: Different types of massage guns are built with different features to suit the customer’s requirements. 

Each and every product that is available in the market has different variants based on their usability for the customer. So, while you are considering your options, it is better that you understand the differences between these products. 

Massage guns are built with- 

  • Different motors to create a specified amount of torque, 
  • Amplitude (the higher the amplitude, the better will be the percussive massage), 
  • Sound (to make less noise), 
  • Components (attachments suited for different parts of the body), 
  • Build material (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, aluminum, etc.).

All these characteristics of every massage gun are different for each product of each brand. 


Myth: A massage gun is not any better than foam rollers, massage balls, or other similar tools.

Fact: Massage guns are more effective than other massage tools.

The massage guns are built in such a way that they are an upgrade to the conventional massaging tools. They provide maximum benefits with minimal effort. 

Take beatXP’s Bolt Pro Massage Gun, for example. This device has 180 massage combinations, 6 massage modes, 5 Pro-grade attachments, and an advanced PMDC 65S High Torque Motor for maximum benefits. These features will allow you to get a deep tissue massage and get rid of the stiffness, soreness, and pain in the body.


Myth:  A massage gun is expensive and not worth the money. 

Fact: This device is a good long-time investment, thus, it is cost-effective and actually saves you a lot of money. 

Our purchase decision is greatly influenced by money and massage guns are no exception to this rule. We often avoid purchasing a product if the price is too high and the product will be less frequently used. 

But look at the product from a different perspective. Once you get a massage gun, it can help you out whenever you feel chronic pain in your joints or muscles and even if you have a regular backache. The shelf life of the product is very long. Thus, you can keep it and use it whenever needed instead of visiting a physiotherapist or chiropractor for pain management. Considering this, the benefits of a massage gun outweighs its price as it will save you time, effort, and money. 


Myth: The massager gun is only beneficial for athletes or sportspersons. 

Fact: People of all age groups, both male and female, can experience the benefits of a massage gun. 

Many people believe that products like massage guns are manufactured by keeping athletes and fitness-focused people only. Thus, they won’t be a good choice for regular people who work out at home or go to the gym 2-4 times a week. 

But this is not true. A massage gun will be of use to you even if you sit on a desk throughout the day and have muscle stiffness. You can get a sprain or pull a muscle while performing a house chore. And even then, this device will help you to relax the muscles and improve blood flow, thereby fastening the recovery process. 


Some Final Words 

We hope that now you know that massage guns are actually beneficial for the consumer. But there is nothing wrong with doing ample research before making the decision. So, while you are searching for the best massage gun, go through the product reviews and find out what other customers have to say to determine whether the product lived up to their expectations or not. 

Maybe this way, you will be able to avoid disappointment and get a product that matches your expectations.

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