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AirStream Pro Full Leg & Foot Massager | Handheld Remote

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After a long day of Tiresome Work and Workout, the Muscles in your legs can become very Sore and Tense. The beatXP Leg Massager can help you relieve those Sore and Tense muscles and regain the strength in your Legs in no time. The Massager has 3 Air Pressure Bags for each of your Legs. Be it Thighs, Calves, Knees, or your Feet, the beatXP Leg Massager can relieve all of it at the same time. The Massager has a Powerful Motor that helps it to deliver the best Shiatsu massages, making you feel like you’re actually in Japan. The Massager has three different modes for all your needs. These include Pressing, Kneading, and Shiatsu Massage Modes. On top of all that, the 2 Heating Modes in the Massager also increase the Blood Flow in your Legs Muscles and help you relax. The Massager has a Universal Size ensuring you don’t have to worry about any type of fitting issues. The Massager is made of high-quality Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Plus Polyester Material. The Flushing Cloth Sleeve can be easily removed and cleaned while the Inner Layer of the Leg Massager can be easily removed and is 100% Machine Washable. The Massager has an Intelligent Automatic Turn-Off Feature. It comes with a Travel Storage Bag to easily take in To Work, To Gym or while you travel anywhere else. So leave all your worries behind and live your life to the fullest because the beatXP Leg Massager can relieve all the stress on your Legs within no time. The beatXP Leg Massager (Advanced) comes with 1 x Remote Control, 1 x Travel Storage Bag, an Instructions Manual in the Box, and 12 Months of beatXP Certified National Warranty.

Material: ABS+ Polyester
Operating Voltage: AC 100-240V / DC 12V, 2A
Rated Power: 25W
Power Delivery Mode: Electricity Powered
Heating Bags Provided: 6 (3 in each Leg)
Pressure Value: 100 kPa (Approx)
Number of Modes: 3 (Pressing, Kneading, Shiatsu)
Heating: Yes
Product Dimensions (L*B*H): 89cm x 29.5cm
Product Weight (gm): 1100 grams
Package Contents: 1 x beatXP Leg Massager (Advanced), 1 x Travel Storage Bag, 1 x Remote Controller, and an Instructions Manual

1 YEAR beatXP BRAND WARRANTY - We wanted to ensure a much better customer experience to all our users and hence we offer 1-year beatXP care warranty.

WORLD’S LEADING RECOVERY TECHNOLOGY ( 6 AirBags)-  This technology sequentially compresses the leg to more quickly flush out the Metabolic Waste ( substances released in the body during cellular respiration) and bring back fresh, oxygenated blood back to the area. This increase in circulation helps reduce muscle soreness and fatigue more globally in the body.

3X FASTER RECOVERY -  Faster recovery starts with a Full Flush. Reducing soreness and fatigue in muscles starts with better blood circulation — the more efficiently you flush out metabolic waste and return fresh, oxygenated blood to any area, the faster you'll recover and get back to doing what you love.

ONLY MASSAGER IN INDIA WITH MULTIPLE HEATING MODES & 3 PRESSURE MODES - Multiple Heating Modes, along with Multiple pressure modes and adjustable wraps with velcro belts ensure you always have a choice to apply the right amount of pressure & heat to your treated muscles. Thus, it greatly personalizes the massage as per the user’s muscle conditions and makes the whole process of air compression therapy more enjoyable & safer.

SUPERIOR HYGIENIC DESIGN WITH KNEE CAPS -  It is one of the few leg massagers in India that comes with a knee cap. It enables compression therapy in the knee region as well, helping in relieving joint & knee pain, and improving blood circulation in the knee area.

3 MASSAGE MODES ( Pressing, Kneading, Shiatsu) - Shiatsu Massage focuses on area of tight muscle fibres that can form in your muscles after injuries or overuse. Pressing massages use slower, more forceful strokes to target deeper layers of muscles, whereas kneading massages use long strokes with circular movements. It helps you feel relaxed & energized.

 HIGH-QUALITY BREATHABLE FABRIC WITH ADJUSTABLE LEG WRAPS & VELCRO - BELT - High quality breathable fabric makes it durable, lightweight, and skin-friendly. Easy-to-clean seamless interior provide the most hygienic experience

REMOTE CONTROL WITH TRAVEL STORAGE BAG - It comes with a remote control through which you could easily adjust heat & pressure applied, or change the massage mode on a single button click. Additionally, it comes with a travel storage bag to keep it safe & dust-free.

1 YEAR beatXP BRAND WARRANTY - We wanted to ensure a much better customer experience to all our users and hence we offer 1-year beatXP care warranty.

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4.3/5 Based on 122 Ratings
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AirStream Pro Full Leg & Foot Massager | Handheld Remote
₹ 6,499  ₹12,999

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