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Massage Chair with Infrared Heat Therapy

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The beatXP Massager Chair is a premium device which relieves your Pain, Soreness and Tension in an instant. The Massager relieves your Neck, Back and Hips all together. It has different modes like Deep Kneading to relieve Pain, Vibration to just relax and lose yourself in the Massage as well as Shiatsu Massage Mode to make you feel like you’re on a trip to Japan. The Cushion Massager Chair can relieve all of your work stress on your drive home with ease. Just put it on the seat and plug the adaptor in to have the most relaxing drive that you would have ever had.

The Massager also has a heating function via Infrared Therapy to increase the Blood Flow and help you relax.The Massager has a remote control to adjust the vertical movement of the Massage Nodes or to change modes or to turn on or off Infrared Heating or Vibration Therapy. The heating of the Massager is just about 45 degree Celsius which is just enough to help you relax at your best. The Massage Cushion has 5 separate motors in it to allow it to deliver the Different types of Massage Modes with ease. The Motors have a speed of 3000 RPM and a maximum Torque of 2.2 kgF. The Massager also comes with a Home and a Car adaptor to help it operate anywhere. Being only 5.8kg in weight you can easily change its position in your Home or your Car.

The beatXP Cushion Massager is made of Premium Quality PU Leather and Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Material which is made to last. The beatXP Cushion Massager comes with 1 x Remote Control, 1 x Home Power Adapter, 1 x Car Power Adapter, 1 x Instructions Manual and 12 Months of beatXP Certified National Warranty. So, Live Your Life to the fullest and let the beatXP Cushion Massager Take Care of Bringing You Back to Full Strength for the Next Day.

Material: PU Leather with ABS
Input Voltage: AC, 220V, 50-60Hz
Rated Power: 12V, 4A - 48W
Power Delivery Mode: Electricity Powered
Adaptor Details: CE Approved Home and Car Adaptor

  No. of Motors: 5
  Speed Of Motor: 3000 RPM
  Motor Torque: 2.2kgF
  Motor Type: Pure Copper Motor

No. of Modes: 3 (Deep Kneading, Shiatsu, Vibration Massage)
Controls: Remote Control (For Heat Settings, Intensity Settings and Mode Switching)
InfraRed Therapy: Yes
Heating Temperature: 45 degree Celsius
Product Dimensions (L*B*H): 77cm x 43cm
Product Weight (gm): 5800 grams
Package Contents: 1 x beatXP Massager Cushion, 1 x Remote Control, 1 x Home Power Adaptor, 1 x Car Power Adaptor and 1 x Instructions Manual

1 YEAR beatXP BRAND WARRANTY - We wanted to ensure a much better customer experience to all our users and hence we offer 1 year beatXP care warranty. 

DEEP KNEADING SHIATSU MASSAGE ROLLERS - Massager Chair has 3-Dimension Kneading Rollers at Neck & Back region which moves Up & Down as well. Along with Vibration Therapy at the waist & hips, Heat Therapy at the neck & back, and remote-controlled up & down movement of rollers, it replicates a perfect massage experience on the comfort of your chair - Be it at Home, Office, or during traveling. All these features make the massage experience highly effective & personalized with the help of a remote control

WARM, COMFORTING INFRARED HEATING THERAPY ( Neck & Back Region Both) - Along with powerful 3-Dimension Kneading Shiatsu Rollers, it also provides heating therapy via Infrared Light (heating intensity can be controlled via Remote). It reduces muscle tightness, improves flexibility, provides instant relief from back & neck pain, and boosts blood circulation & massage effectiveness, resulting in 3X faster recovery.

BACK, LUMBAR, NECK, SHOULDERS MASSAGING NODES MOVE UP & DOWN: The Four Shiatsu (3D) Massaging nodes travel up and down, massaging the entire back. Select among 7 modes with your remote control -  full back, lower back, upper back, fixed position, uppermost, lowermost, or Auto mode. 

AIR PRESSURE VIBRATION THERAPY  (WAIST & HIPS) - ( Low, Medium, High Intensity) - Vibration Therapy with 3 Speed Intensities has well-known health benefits - to increase metabolism, blood circulation, bone density, and to reduce stress, back pain & joint pain.

POWERFUL REMOTE CONTROL - You can enjoy all the powerful features of the massager chair - heating therapy, vibration therapy, up & down moving 3D Rollers with an easy-to-use remote control from the comfort of your chair while getting the massage.

PREMIUM PU LEATHER WATERPROOF MATERIAL WITH BREATHABLE MESH FABRIC - Made up of high-quality PU Leather & breathable mesh fabric. It is easy to use & clean, soft to touch, and has noise suppression properties. Thus, making the whole massage experience noiseless & comfortable. Additionally, high-quality breathable mesh fabric ensures no bacteria build-up, ensures skin-friendly massage experience, and high durability for the massager.

1 YEAR beatXP BRAND WARRANTY - We wanted to ensure a much better customer experience to all our users and hence we offer 1 year beatXP care warranty. 

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4.3/5 Based on 138 Ratings
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Massage Chair with Infrared Heat Therapy
₹ 13,999  ₹29,990

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