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Stream Prime Full Body Massager Machine

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beatXP Stream Prime Hammer Massager can easily massage all your body parts i.e., feet, calf, shoulder, neck, back, arms, legs, or any other muscles that you may feel soreness in. The body massager comes with 4 Massage Attachments i.e., Needle Head, Point Head, Round Head, and Triple-Point Head. The Needle Head improves the blood flow in your body and is suitable for acupuncture for hands, feet, and legs, The Point Head is useful to relieve muscle and joint pain, the Round Head can be used all over the body and the Triple-Point head provides better pressure with wide coverage on the body.

The beatXP Stream Prime Hammer Massager is one of the best massager machines for pain relief. It is equipped with a strong 46-S7 motor which can produce 3200 percussions per minute. It also produces 3mm deep tissue percussion which quickly relieves body pain. 

This body massage machine has a length of 38.5 cm and its hammer design improves weight balancing. This applies pressure on your body uniformly even in tough-to-reach areas.

This hand massager has an (Infrared) IR light that cures your skin-related problems, injuries, muscle pain, joint pain, and spinal pain. IR light increases the blood flow in the body for better relaxation and faster recovery. The high and low-speed toggle of this full body massager helps you to adjust the massage speed.

The beatXP Stream Prime Hammer Massage machine is a perfect choice if you want a calming, relaxing, and effective massage anytime anywhere. The box includes 1 x beatXP Stream Prime Hammer Massager, 4 x Massage Attachments, and 1 x  User’s Envelope. We also provide 12 months + additional 6 months of beatXP Replacement Warranty. See box contents to avail additional 6-month warranty.

Operating Voltage: 220V

Rated Power: 25W

Power Delivery Mode: AC, 50-60Hz

Max Motor Speed: 3200 RPM

Motor Torque: >1.8kgF

Motor Type: Pure Copper Motor

Amplitude: 3mm 

Massager Length: 38.5cm

Speed Adjustments: High and Low-Speed Toggle

Other Features: InfraRed Light Therapy

Product Dimensions (L*B*H): 38.5cm x 12cm x 8.5cm

Product Weight (gm): 800 grams

Package Dimensions (L*B*H): 44.5cm x 14.8cm x 10cm

Package Weight (gm): 1100 grams

Package Contents: 1 x beatXP Stream Prime Hammer Massager, 4 x Massage Attachments, and 1 x User’s Envelope




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4.7/5 Based on 404 Ratings
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Steam massager

By Swaroop

Very good product

29 Nov 2023
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Stream Prime Full Body Massager Machine
₹ 899  ₹2,899

(inclusive of all taxes)

69% OFF