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No matter how hard you’re working out, it is of no use until your body gets the perfect nutritional needs accomplished. While most of the time it’s not possible to balance every meal, the consumption of whey protein powder can solve all your issues.

Along with providing your body with the correct nutrition, the benefits of whey protein are many. It enhances your performance, helps with weight management, repairs and builds muscles, reduces fatigue and soreness, and ultimately boosts your immunity. Just make sure you are choosing the best whey- here is a guide to help you do that

beatXP has 3 different kinds of whey protein, and each of them have their own strengths.beatXP EDIT, along with many benefits, offers the unique concept of a new flavor everyday. beatXP Performance boosts your immunity and performance and beatXP Gold offers you the maximum protein in a  scoop.

Curated by experts, our range of whey protein has added digestive enzymes to prevent any stomach discomfort.

beatXP Whey Proteins Price List:

Product Price
beatXP Whey Gold Protein Powder 1 Kg - 26.05g protein, 5.96g BCAAs|Chocolate Ganache (32g Serving)  Rs 3,199
beatXP Performance Whey Protein Powder 1Kg - 24.34g protein, 5.34g BCAAs & Digestive Enzymes | Chocolate Ganache (33g Serving)  Rs 2,399
beatXP EDIT Whey Protein - 33 Flavoured sachets, 24g Protein with added DigeZyme (30g Serving)  Rs 2,932
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