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Smartwatches for Couples: Love on Your Wrist

Your watch may be your third wheel, but not the kind you won’t enjoy 😉

Come on. We are not talking about the clingy third wheel. We promise this third wheel will only help you grow stronger and fitter together! 

Getting straight to the point…

Do you share the same love for technology as your significant other? Or someone who loves to always gift a technological marvel to your partner?

In any case, a smartwatch is an ideal option. It’s trendy, technologically and aesthetically pleasing, watches over your health and fitness, and, more importantly, keeps you connected conveniently. 

Say hello to the beatXP collection of smart watches for couples– the perfect smart watches for couples. 

But first, what are some of the main things you can do to use a smartwatch as a couple?

Set Goals Together 

It’s like one of the fun things that you can do together! You can set goals about how many steps you should walk in a day. It can be a fun competition. Set a goal of 10k steps, and see who can achieve it.

Not just that, you can plan fun workout sessions together, not just in the gym but also in trekking, swimming or a game of basketball. With multiple sports modes, your smartwatch can actively detect your workout and track your progress for you. 

Some smartwatches with the best fitness tracking features: 

The beatXP range of smartwatches has over 100+ sports modes equipped. You can track your progress on these aesthetically pleasing smartwatches that are a perfect gadget for any couple. 

Marv, Marv Neo, Marv Super and Marv Raze are prime examples. 

Stay Connected 

Now you have your phones to stay connected. But get this: on a busy day when you are at work and don’t have the time to wake up your phone, the watch on your wrist can text or even call you. Convenient connection for you!

The beatXP smartwatches, for example, are equipped with the latest and advanced BT setup for simplifying your calling needs. 

All beatXP smartwatches support BT calling and are designed to enhance your calling and, most importantly, keep you connected!

You can check some of the beatXP smartwatches by clicking here

Great as Gifts 

Smartwatches are bold, beautiful, charismatic, classy, and truly fine timepieces that add beauty to your style. The beatXP collection is great as a gift for your significant other. Be it something trendy or classy- whatever you’re looking for, you will find it. 

For your convenience, we have even put together the various features of our smartwatch collection.

Here you go:

The Marv Series 

With Marv, Marv Super, Marv Neo and Marv Raze, you will find everything you want in a smartwatch:

We have everything you need with options for the largest display (Marv Super 2.0”) to Marv Neo with 1.85” TFT. 

  • BT Calling
  • Instant Notifications 
  • Health Monitoring and Sleep Analysis 
  • IP68 Water Resistance 
  • Multiple Sports Modes (Starting from 60 to more than 100)
  • Long Battery Life 
  • Multiple Watch Face Options 

Gift this marvellous series to your partner and get your fitness game going! 

The Vega Series 

The brilliant Vega series comprises Vega, Vega Neo and Vega X and are perfect to use as smart watches for couples. While almost all of these smartwatches are 1.43” classic, round dial ones, Vega offers an additional 1000 nits brightness that adds colour and vivid richness to your display. 

Apart from being aesthetically beautiful, this beatXP smartwatch range has a myriad of other features:

  • Advanced BT setup for calling and instant notifications
  • Health and Sleep monitoring 
  • IP68 water resistance
  • 100+ sports modes 
  • Multiple watch faces
  • Long battery life 

The Unbound Series

Lastly, share your unbound love with the Unbound series by beatXP.

This series is also ideal for couples, comprising Unbound Neo and Unbound Plus. Keep your health and sleep in check, go for a swim together, track your progress or make it a fun hiking competition. 

Your watch is your third wheel, but not the kind you won’t enjoy! 

If you are looking for a collection of smartwatches, feel free to explore here. You will find budget-friendly smart watches, heavy on features, and low on price.

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