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Best Smartwatches Under 5000 in India

Let’s start this one with an interesting piece of information. What do you know about the world’s first smartwatch Reputur by Seiko? Let’s help you with it. It was a remarkable attempt and you could run applications on it, connect it to a PC, write memos, make calendar appointments and update your to-do list. The cost of it? Even though we are not sure about that, we are guessing it wasn’t easy on the pocket. This was sometime in June, 1998. 

Since then only exciting things have happened in the smartwatch universe. Apart from all mentioned above, we can now make calls and receive texts and emails, track our health, sleep, fitness and whatnot on our smartwatch.

Some watches are even capable of recording your heart health in the form of an ECG, and give you a detailed analysis. 

Let’s dig deeper and give you an insight about the best smart watches under Rs 5000 with all features you’re probably looking for. 

Table of Contents:

  • The Factor of Affordability
  • What Can You Get in a Smart watch Priced Under Rs 5000?
  • beatXP Smartwatches You Can Buy Under Rs 5000
  • Are Budget Friendly Smart Watches Reliable

The Factor of Affordability

How much are we willing to pay for a smartwatch? Gen Z, Millennials, and the older generation- everyone is looking to join the trend but how much can they spend on a smartwatch?

For an average person in the age group of 20-28 earning around 20-50k a month can spare around Rs 3000-5000 on a smartwatch. Similarly, average adults (30-50) might earn more but have more responsibilities, and are not willing to burn a hole in their pockets for a smartwatch. 

What can you get in a smart watch that is priced under 5000?

  • Health monitoringbeatxp unbound neo smartwatch
  • Rich display
  • BT calling
  • Instant notifications 
  • Sleep tracking
  • Fitness monitoring
  • Sport modes 
  • Voice assistance
  • Water resistance 
  • Watch faces
  • Games

Yes, you read that right. We at beatXP have always tried to cater the needs of our audience directly and give them what they need at the best possible price. Let’s take a look at the best beatXP smartwatches under Rs 5000 that can help you track your health, fitness, sleep while also providing you with the best style options. 

  • beatXP Vega and Vega X 

The first and foremost thing about these smartwatches is that even though they are priced under 5000, they come with a bold, dynamic display. You get to experience an immersive round 1.43” display on both smartwatches. 

While Vega X offers you 500 nits brightness, Vega offers 1000 nits brightness with a high screen to body ratio on a 2.5D curved glass.

Both smartwatches feature an AOD (always on display)- a feature hit amongst the crowd. It is one of the best round dial smart watch under 5000.

One of the best features about Vega X is the wireless charging feature. Forget about the hassle of wires and charge your smartwatch wirelessly and it’ll last up to 5 days. Vega X is best smartwatch with calling feature under 5000. 

  • AOD
  • 1.43” round bold display
  • Wireless charging (Vega X)
  • Health monitoring
  • 100+ sport modes
  • Sleep tracking
  • Voice assistant- (Vega X)
  • Multi functional crown
  • Long lasting battery 
  • Menstrual cycle reminder
  • Water resistance 
  • Music control 
  • Games 
  • Watch faces 

If you are looking for an elegant, radiant smartwatch, Vega and Vega X both fit the description. You will get Vega and Vega X for an exclusive price of Rs 2999.  We have more best bluetooth calling smart watch under 5000. 

beatXP Unbound and Unbound Neo

Featuring an appealing 1.8” display, both these smartwatches give you the best, unmatched user experience. Both have a 500 nits peak brightness feature and Unbound even offers you an AOD.

Crafted for unbound brilliance, both beatXP Unbound and Unbound Neo are equipped with advanced BT settings to make your calling experience enhanced. 

  • Appealing 1.8” big display
  • 500 nits peak brightness 
  • 60 Hz refresh rate (Unbound Neo)
  • Advanced BT calling
  • Health monitoring
  • Sleep tracking 
  • 100+ sport modes
  • Long battery life
  • Stress monitoring
  • Water resistance 
  • Voice assistance (Unbound)
  • Watch faces 

These watches suit you if you are in search for a good quality, premium design smartwatch that leads you to a healthier lifestyle, while also offering you a splendid style quotient. This is one of the best smart watches for men under 5000. 

You can grab Unbound for Rs 3999 and Unbound Neo for Rs 2799. 

beatXP Exact

As the name suggests, beatXP Exact is one of the best, accurate smartwatches with precise health sensors that help you track important health vitals, and even get an ECG done.

You can get a detailed report on your phone. Not only that, one of the best features of this smartwatch is the remote monitoring feature.

You can track your loved ones’ health from any corner of the world. All you have to do is sync their watches to the Exact watch on your phone.

Apart from all this, you get all features that you would want in a smartwatch. 

  • Powered by track engine+
  • ECG monitoring
  • Remote monitoring
  • Health vital tracking
  • Sleep monitoring 
  • Call and text notifications
  • Multiple sport modes
  • Long battery life 
  • Water resistance 
  • Classic design 

Heavy on features, light on price, you can get beatXP Exact for Rs 3999. 

Are all these budget friendly smartwatches reliable?

Not taking anything away from expensive smartwatches, the beatXP smartwatches are loaded with features and are highly reliable when it comes to the features they are equipped with.

While most expensive smartwatches barely offer a one day battery life, beatXP smartwatches are designed to be unstoppable. Most of our models last up to a week on a single charge.

Apart from that, all specs you would want in a smartwatch, we got it all! 

Explore our range of smartwatches and get your hands on the best smartwatches under 5000.



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