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Top Massage Guns For Physical Therapists

Sore muscles? Tense nerves? Fatigue? There can be several reasons you might’ve visited a physical therapist. While you did that, they might have used a massage gun on you.

While now the concept of massage guns is known amongst most people, some are still unaware of the wonders of a massage gun. 

On the other hand, if you are a physical therapist using traditional massage techniques for your patients, it’s time to up your game and explore the use of massage guns. 

How do massage guns benefit physical therapists?

When you go to a physical therapist, you expect relief within minutes. They help you recover from strains, injuries, and serious conditions like fractures, arthritis etc. With the use of massage guns, physical therapists try to:

  • Promote blood circulation 
  • Remove muscle knots
  • Ease muscle soreness and fatigue
  • Use percussion therapy to treat your trigger areas 

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Here, choosing the right massage gun is the key. You want an ergonomically designed massage gun that is lightweight and easy to carry. Regarding the best massage guns for physical therapy, the beatXP Bolt DT gun and the Bolt Prime DT gun are among the favourites. 

Why do we choose these two massage guns? Let’s dig deep and fill you in on the details and specs about these massage guns. 

Bolt Deep Tissue Gun:

The Bolt DT gun is ergonomically designed and lightweight, a deep tissue massage gun for physical therapy. These two features already impress most physical therapists as convenience is extremely important.


The Bolt DT gun applies the right amount of pressure to your affected area, easily deepening your muscles and relieving knots and pain. 

Best Points of Bolt Gun that Make it a Physical Therapist’s Favorite Tool:

  • Attachment Heads:

You go to a physical therapist for various pain-affected areas. Using a BOLT gun helps them target all the areas with special attachments that come with this deep tissue massage gun for physical therapy. 

  • Fork Head for high-pressure points such as neck & spine
  • Flat Head for high pain areas such as joints, palm & foot sole
  • Bullet Head for muscle joints 
  • Round Head is the go-to attachment and is suitable for any body part.


  • Ergonomic Design:

The massage gun is T-shaped, and the angled design and extra-long handle with rubber grip ensure more variability and provide a premium massage experience even in difficult-to-reach areas. This way, your therapist doesn’t have to exert much force & strain on their wrists. 

  • Battery Life:

Battery life is always critical. The last thing your therapist wants is to run out of charge while curing you with a massage. The beat XP bolt massage gun is equipped with SwiftCharge technology and a high-quality 4000 mAh Li-ion battery that keeps going for 3-5 hours. 

  • Motor:

Equipped with a powerful motor, the beatXP Bolt supports different intensities with the motor and helps you use it for as long as you want without worrying about the body of the device heating up. It works wonders for physical therapists, who can use it for long periods without worrying about malfunctions. 

What are the major benefits of using a bolt gun? 

  • Improved blood circulation
  • Instant pain relief
  • Improved flexibility
  • Improved mobility 
  • Injury prevention
  • Enhanced performance

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Bolt Prime Deep Tissue Gun:

Our other recommendation for a percussive massage gun for physical therapy/therapists is the Bolt Prime DT gun.

Designed to be a powerful deep-tissue massager to relieve stiffness, soreness, and pain in your body, this massage gun is ideal for therapists to use.

Equipped with a powerful PMDC 775 motor with 6 adjustment speed levels ranging from 1800 – 3000 RPM, the T-Shape double handle design of the massage gun ensures better grip, more depth, and more possibilities when treating difficult-to-reach areas ensuring less force and pressure on the therapist’s hands while using it. 

It has a special rubberized handle which is odorless, sweat resistant and has an anti-microbial coating.

The device weighs 750gm and comes with an additional hard carrying case, making it convenient. The rechargeable Lithium-ion battery 4000 mAh can easily power the device for 5-6 Hrs on just one single charge with the SwiftCharge Type-C Cable.

The massager is noiseless with less than 45 dB noise, even used at the maximum speed intensity of level 6.


Massage guns are best for a physical therapist, as they are convenient and help patients with instant relief. Our top two picks are the beatXP Bolt DT Gun and beatXP Bolt Prime DT Gun.

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