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Air Compression Leg Massager in India | Best Full Leg Massager Machine

Did you know that a large proportion of athletes & gym-goers in the USA use air compression therapy (Air Compression Leg Massager) for faster recovery, better performance, and much more efficient blood circulation in legs & body that results in less wear & tear of leg muscles & joints and hence improved lifestyle. Let’s understand more about the world’s leading air pressure recovery technology and why it is so popular in developed countries.


What is Compression Therapy

Compression Therapy is nothing but gentle & controlled application of pressure over a group of muscles in legs or other body parts to improve blood flow in the legs and hence improved blood flow to the heart. It is an age-old technique and its common applications you have seen in day-to-day lives are compression stockings, ankle & knee wraps & other wearables. These wraps & stockings not only keep your leg, foot, ankle & knee muscles warm but their stretchable material also applies gentle pressure to the muscles which results in better blood circulation, reduced inflammation, & hence less muscle stiffness/ pain/  wear tear during any physical activity. 

Now, Imagine if you have a dedicated leg massager which uses sequential technology to compress your leg muscles in a controlled manner as per your own body, leg strength & physical activity requirements. Won’t it be magical for your legs as it would not only reduce the wear & tear of muscles, but it would improve your physical performance & would aid in 3X Faster recovery.

Let’s understand How?

To understand the superior benefits of a leg massager, we have to first learn why it is important to constantly flush & circulate blood through your legs. To reduce muscle fatigue, wear-tear, stiffness, or soreness of your leg muscles – it is very important to fully flush your blood through your legs. The more efficiently you circulate blood through your legs, the more effective it would be in flushing our Metabolic Waste (Substances released in the body during cellular respiration) & bringing back fresh oxygenated blood to these areas. This fresh oxygenated blood would result in better cellular respiration, and hence faster recovery or reduced muscle soreness & fatigue.

Now that we have understood the science behind Leg Massagers, let’s deep dive into the features & functionality of one of the best leg massagers available in India by beatXP.

Feaures of beatXP Air Stream Pro Leg & Foot Massager

  1. World’s Leading Air Compression Technology ( 6 AirBags) – The sequential compression technology with multiple airbags at all leg muscles ( Sole, Instep, Ankle, Calf), in addition to multiple heating modes & pressure modes, ensures a channelized blood flow from leg to the body. It results in better flushing of toxins from the blood and hence reduced muscle soreness & stiffness. It would aid in 3X faster recovery.
  2. Only Leg Massager in India with Multiple Heating & Pressure Modes – Multiple levels of heating & pressure modes customize the massage experience as per the individual & his/her physical activeness. It would make the leg massager suitable to use for all the members of the family & from beginner to advance workout levels.
  3. Ergonomic Design with Knee Cap – It is one of the few massagers in India with the Knee Cap region covered as well in the design. It enables air compression therapy in the knee region, resulting in better blood circulation and relieving knee & joint pain.
  4. High-Quality Fabric with Adjustable Leg Wraps & Velcro Belt – Breathable Mesh Fabric provides a sweat-free & skin-friendly experience. It can be easily cleaned with the help of a cloth. Additionally, Leg Wraps & Velcro Belt ensures that the Leg Massager can be fit easily to people of all shapes & sizes
  5. Fully Automatic Remote Control – It allows a user to access all the features of a massager comfortably with a single button click.
  6. 3-Massage Modes ( Shiatsu, Kneading & Pressing) – Shiatsu mode focuses on the area of tight muscles groups, pressing mode uses slower more forceful strokes to target deeper layers while kneading mode uses long strokes with circular movements. Multiple Massage Modes ensure efficient blood circulation& flushing of toxic wastes from the blood.
  7. 1 Year Warranty – beatXP offers a 1-year Warranty on its leg massagers to ensure a superior customer experience.
  8. Lightweight, Portable & Affordable – Unlike other bulky leg massagers that you have seen in malls & shopping complexes, beatXP AirStream Pro Leg Massager is Lightweight, portable & comes with a travel storage bag as well. It ensures that you can take it to your gym or sports complexes as well and can easily use it anytime anywhere. It would only cost you Rs 6,999 as compared to other bulky massagers that would cost you tens of thousands of rupees.


Benefits of Air Compression Therapy

  1. Reduce Muscle Stiffness, Soreness, and Pain
  2. 3X Faster Recovery & Improved Sports Performance
  3. Highly Effective in Post Workout Recovery, or Sports Injury Recovery
  4. Prevention of Leg Swelling 
  5. Management of Varicose Veins 
  6. Healing of Leg Ulcers

Air Compression Therapy(by Air Compression Leg Massager) is one of the best technology available in the market. It ensures superior performance, 3X Faster Recovery, better blood circulation & flushing of toxins from the human body. beatXP AirStream Pro Massager has not only made it affordable but its ergonomic design & lightweight makes it highly portable as well. We hope you have liked the article & learned more about the potential benefits of body massagers & Massage chairs. Do check out other Body massagers offered by beatXP.  


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