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3 Best Massage Guns for Instant Back Pain Relief

A lot rests on your back! We make sure you take care of it.

Only if we could recollect the many times our back bothers us! Long sitting hours, inactive lifestyle, even strenuous workouts, picking up something too heavy, or muscle soreness.

You could try to rest in your bed the entire day or take some painkillers, but can you afford to do any of these things every other day? 

The answer is NO. So what’s the solution we are proposing? Have you heard about percussion therapy? One of the most effective relaxation methods, it provides deep vibrations to the affected muscle group and helps you relieve pain almost instantly. 

How can I use percussion therapy at home without any experts? Well, the good news is now you can.

Massage guns work basically on the concept of percussion therapy. Massage guns’ lightweight and ergonomic design ensures everyone can use them and feel relieved even if the pain is in hard-to-reach areas like your back.

beatXP range of massagers is curated especially for your comfort and are the best massage guns for lower back pain. The massage guns come with attachment heads to easily target each affected area and improve blood circulation. 

Today, we discuss the best 3 deep tissue massage guns for lower back pain. Every massage gun we recommend is safe to use and has been tested and recommended by experts. 

Bolt Deep Tissue Gun (Highly Recommended for back pain)

The beatXP Bolt deep tissue gun gives the affected muscle group deep vibrations and eases your tense nerves. Powerful yet quiet, this portable massage gun for back pain has a capable motor that allows operation for almost 3-5 hrs.


You can easily use it for your lower back pain without help, as the 4 pro-grade attachments ensure easy operation. 

The flat head attachment is for a full body massage, the round head is for large muscle groups, the bullet head is for joints and foot, and the fork head will help you with spine, neck, and shoulder pain (the most affected areas generally). 

Improve your blood circulation, ease tense muscles, improve flexibility and mobility, and even enhance your performance with the beatXP Bolt deep tissue massage gun.

You can buy bolt deep tissue percussion massager for just Rs1,799. (price may vary as per current offers)

Prime Deep Tissue Gun 

The next effective muscle massage gun for back pain is the beatXP Prime DT gun, designed to last longer. The powerful 4000 mAh battery ensures uninterrupted operation and instant pain relief for your lower back.

It has 6 different intensities; you can choose any based on your convenience and need.

The smart percussion therapy ensures your lower back gets all the needed massage. The T-shaped angled design and extra-long handle with rubber grip ensure more variability in holding the gun and provide a better massage experience. 

The beatXP Prime DT gun also has four pro-grade attachments: fork head for high-pressure points such as neck & spine; flat head is suitable for high pain areas such as joints, palm & foot sole; bullet head for muscle joints and round head works as your go-to attachment, suitable for any part of the body.

You can buy this vibrating massage gun for back pain in just Rs1999. (price may vary as per current offers)

Bolt Elite DT Gun 

A triangular-shaped deep tissue massage gun, the Bolt Elite massager relieves stiffness, soreness, and fatigue from your back instantly.

Elite has a powerful motor and 6 level adjustments for speed intensity; your massage gun has LED control and can be activated with just one button.

Better grip, and more depth, Bolt Elite is an easy-to-use deep tissue massage gun for back pain and has a digital interface with buttons that ease your operation. 

Your Elite deep tissue massage gun also features a numeric display that shows the time remaining for the massage gun to switch off automatically.

Just charge it once, and you can use it for 5-6 hrs and even carry it to your workplace as it weighs just 800gms. You can easily massage your lower back when you feel pain or strain during work hours.

This is noise-free massager with less than 45 dB of noise while being used at the maximum speed intensity of level 6.

Elite also provides you with 4 different types of massage heads. The round head- is for large muscle groups like quads, glutes, legs, calves, etc.; the bullet head is for relieving joint pain; the flat head- is for the inside and outside parts of the muscles and lastly, the dual head is for spine, neck, back and shoulders. 

Grab Elite DT gun for 2999 only, and rediscover unmatched relaxation at the comfort of your home. (price may vary as per current offers)

These were our top 3 massage guns for your back; you can also check our collection of body massagers like Stream Elite, Blaze Elite, and more if you are looking for detailed, deep massage therapy sessions at home.

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is for educational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your healthcare provider or qualified medical professional with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.



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