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Best Noiseless Massage Gun: Quiet Sessions, Quite Effective

For centuries massages have been used as one of the ultimate relaxation techniques. Massage is known that it can improve your blood circulation, ease up tense muscles, and even improve your mobility and flexibility.

Massages evolved into massage guns with time, and they grew in popularity almost immediately. The reasons can be many- adoption by athletes, convenience, affordability, etc.

You can use a massage gun in the comfort of your home and relax after a stressful day or an intense workout session. But what about the noise that can disturb other members of your family? 

Quietest massage gun in India

Ensuring effective sessions, beatXP Bolt Deep Tissue Gun is the quietest deep tissue massager with many benefits. The bolt gun is equipped with a powerful motor for strong, deep vibrations that effectively massage the affected area and provide instant pain relief. If you are looking for a noise-free body massager, the QuietWave technology bolt DT gun is your perfect fit.

You can choose the speed according to your convenience, from mild intensities to powerful ones. The massager has an almost noiseless operation with less than 45 dB noise production, even when used at the maximum speed intensity of level 6.


Additionally, the massage gun has a powerful 4000 mAh Li-ion battery lasting about 3-5 hours. You don’t have to wait long hours for your device to get charged. The SwiftCharge Technology ensures a fast charge process and charges your device in 2-3 hours. 

The stress areas are usually difficult to reach, like the shoulders, upper back, or lower back. But with 4 pro-grade attachment heads, massages are now easier than ever. Also, the lightweight, ergonomic design ensures you can hold the massage gun easily. Here are the 4 attachment heads you’ll get:

  • Fork Head for high-pressure points such as neck & spine
  • Flat Head for high pain areas such as joints, palm & foot sole
  • Bullet Head for muscle joints 
  • Round Head is the go-to attachment and is suitable for any body part

What other benefits will you get? 

Apart from the noiseless operation, the bolt deep tissue massage gun has other features that you must know about: 

  • Promotes Blood Circulation 

Through deep vibrations and effectively targeting affected areas, the Bolt DT gun improves your blood circulation. This way, your muscles repair and grow faster, and if you have soreness from workouts, or even long sitting hours, you are in for a treat.

  • Improved Flexibility 

Once your blood circulation improves, flexibility and mobility increase. Bolt Gun helps release tissue tension, improving tissue metabolism and your health, in general.

  • Instant Pain Relief

If you are a workout enthusiast, you probably know what DOMS is and the pain it comes with. Using a Bolt gun will help you with instant pain relief, and you won’t have to miss out on any gym or exercise days because of muscle soreness. 

Not just for DOMS, instant pain relief works for all other factors like muscle fatigue or stress in your shoulders or calf muscles. 

  • Injury Prevention 

If you use a massage gun before working out, your muscles wake up, reducing the chance of injury.

  • Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Usually, booking a massage appointment requires you to cancel plans, commute, and check the availability of various factors. But with the help of massage guns, you can get a professional massage-like experience right from the comfort of your home. 


Explore beatXP body massagers and experience relaxation like never before. You can relax, recover, rejuvenate with the multiple options we have for you. Complete body massagers like bolt deep tissue gun, or prime deep tissue gun, each have their own characteristics and let you rediscover relaxation. 

Apart from the convenience, you will be impressed by the noiseless sessions and how easily you can operate them at home and get expert-like massage sessions anytime, anywhere. It’s a treat your muscles deserve! 

Best Massage Gun For Instant Pain Relief



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