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Best Smart Watches Under 1500

When it comes to a smartwatch(es), a plethora of options are available in the market. To appeal to a wide audience, brands have developed some best smart watches under ₹1500 with all features and an aesthetic appeal. 

But how do you know whether these affordable, budget-friendly smartwatches are durable? Well, that depends on the brand you are purchasing from.

With brands like beatXP, be assured that you’ll get quality along with budget and a wide range of options for every budget.

This article brings you the top affordable smartwatches under ₹1500 by beatXP. 

There is a wide gap between the choices of different customers. While teenagers are looking for a smartwatch for looks or to follow the trend, adults need a smartwatch to track their health, sleep, get reminders and more.

Another group of corporate life people might want the best BT calling smartwatch so that they can handle their calls hassle-free.

One thing that remains constant across all generations is that almost everyone wants an economical option. 

So, if you’re also looking for a smartwatch under ₹1500 with features that will impress you, read on else you can checkout our collection of smartwatches below ₹2000.

Here are some cool affordable smartwatches under ₹1500 for your wrist:

beatXP Flux Smartwatch

A perfect example of quality features on a budget, Flux is a truly fine smartwatch. The watch never sleeps- meaning it features an impressive 1.45” HD always on display so that your day highlights are just a glance away.

To make calling convenient, Flux has an advanced BT set up so that you can make or receive calls and get notifications on your wrist.

Whether travelling or working out, you don’t need to wake up your phone whenever you get a notification. Your watch is designed to take care of that for you.

Apart from these features, here are all the other specs that await you:

  • Health and Sleep Monitoring
  • 60 Hz Refresh Rate 
  • Multi-Functional Crown 
  • 100+ Sports Modes
  • IP67 Water Resistance 
  • Multiple Watch Faces

Don’t worry!

When it comes to the price, we got you covered.

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beatXP Marv Series (Marv, Marv Neo and Marv Raze) 

The Marv Series is a marvellous collection comprising three innovative smartwatches with many features. 

Marv Smartwatch 

An advanced innovation, your Marv is everything you need on your wrist. Track your vitals, and count your steps on a dynamic 1.85″ display with 240*280px resolution and 560 nits peak brightness. 

Additionally, you get BT calling powered by EzyPair tech, so your calling experience is truly advanced. 

Marv also offers voice assistance, battery backup (up to a week), 70+ sports modes, IP68 water resistance, watch face options, stress monitoring and more. 

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Marv Neo Smartwatch

With a 1.85” display screen, Marv Neo brings you a larger display that offers you an immersive viewing experience. Such a large display or such a low price- it’s a treat, right? 


Besides the display, Marv Neo also has an advanced BT setup for calling and notification alerts on your watch. 

Watch your health, sleep, and execute tasks with your voice. You get 60+ sports modes, multiple watch faces, long battery life, water resistance and more.

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Marv Raze Smartwatch

Designed to drive the passion in you, Marv Raze features a huge 1.96” display that captures your attention. With BLE 5.3 and BT 3.0, get call and message reminders like texts or social media notifications. 

Track your fitness with 100+ sports modes, watch your health, note your sleep, play games and more on this waterproof smartwatch that will surely be your favourite! 

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Apart from these smartwatches, beatXP features a wide range of smartwatches that suit every need and personality and match your vibe. And yes, we are affordable but quality conscious. Check out our collection of smartwatches.

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