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Top Affordable Smart Watches for Men Under 2000

If you want to upgrade your style, your watch plays a crucial role. We understand if you don’t want to spend much money buying a watch, so we bring you style and function on a budget. 

It’s no secret that you want your watch to grab attention while also doing the basic things like telling you the date and time.

But how about an affordable smartwatch under 2000 INR that makes a bold style statement and takes care of your health, sleep, and of course tells you the date and time, along with a myriad of features. 

smartwatches under rs 2000

What are men looking for in a smartwatch?

  • Style
  • Functionality 
  • Fitness Tracking
  • Health Monitoring 
  • Affordability 

Research suggests these are the top factors affecting the decision-making process while buying a smartwatch.

The good news is that we have compiled all these features into multiple stylish smartwatches for you. Designed to be easy on the pocket, here are the top smart watches for men under 2000 INR. 

With more detail and extra clarity, Unbound Neo won’t fail to impress you. The smartwatch is super affordable, features a 1.8” AMOLED display, and you can buy it for 1999 INR only. What are some of the specs in Unbound Neo?

You get a refresh rate of 60 Hz, ensuring a seamless user experience. Additionally, you can make and receive calls from your wrist, as the super advanced BT setup takes care of that.

No need to wake your phone for every small notification, as it will pop on your wrist. Watch over your health vitals like heart rate, spo2 and even your sleeping pattern so that you know your body better and start taking charge of it. 

You get 100+ sports modes with auto-detection and tracking, IP68 water resistance, multiple watch faces, and a powerful battery that lasts almost five days on a single charge (light usage). 

It’s all you want in a smartwatch, right?

Grab now for an unbeatable price of 1999, and experience the smart in smartwatch! 

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  • The Marv Series 

Under the “smartwatches for men under 2000” category, here are the top Marv series smartwatches for you-

  • Marv Super 
  • Marv Neo 
  • Marv Raze 

Marv Super Smartwatch

As the same suggests, this supremely stylish smartwatch is super splendid and features a huge 2.0” Super display and large screen ratio.


The smartwatch is designed to be with you on every adventure; this smartwatch has all BT calling, instant notification alerts, health tracking, 100+ sports modes, sleep analysis and more.

Moreover, you get voice assistance also- your voice can get things done for you. Technology at its best, right?

You can control music and play games, and IP68 water resistance adds a cherry! This super stylish smartwatch can be yours for just 1599 INR. That’s a deal you wouldn’t want to miss.

Marv Neo Smartwatch

Looking for a smartwatch with a large display? Marv Neo might be the ideal choice for you.

With a 1.85” display screen, Marv Neo brings you a larger display that offers you an immersive viewing experience.


The advanced BT 5.1 takes care of the calling and notifications part. You can handle calls from your wrist and check notifications on the go. 

The other features include:

  • Health Monitoring
  • Sleep Tracking 
  • 100+ Sports Modes 
  • Voice Assistance
  • Powerful Battery 
  • IP68 Water Resistance
  • Music and Games 

Smartwatches for men under 2000 INR, you said? Well, this is perfect for you as you can buy it for an unbeatable price of 1299 INR.

Marv Raze Smartwatch

Do you want to keep up with the trends of today? How about trying on Marv Raze- a smartwatch designed for the passionate?

Don’t worry; the budget is still in check. The smartwatch features a 1.96” display set to spark your imagination. It has a BT setup that makes handling calls and getting notifications easier.

With a 60 Hz refresh rate, you are all set for a smooth user experience. 

Track your health and sleep and take care of your fitness with the multiple sports modes equipped with the smartwatch.

For a smartwatch under 2000 INR, you also get voice assistance, water resistance and 200+ watch faces. 

You can grab it for 1499 INR only, making it one of the best smartwatches for men under 2000 INR. 

beatXP Flux Smartwatch

Last on our radar is beatXP Flux smartwatch.

Falling perfectly under the category of best smartwatches under 2000 INR, Flux features a rich 1.45” display that unleashes an unmatched experience and shines exuding true elegance on your wrist.

60 Hz refresh rate, and a classic crown for your convenience, Flux screams convenience. Apart from the display you get BT calling, notifications alert, 100+ sports modes, water resistance and more.

The watch also actively tracks your health for you. 

The price? You can get Flux for just 1499 INR. These are some of the best smartwatches for men under 2000 INR. You can still explore our other options here.



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  1. i purchased flux after reading this………… it is very good smartwatch with always on display and bluetooth calling

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