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A Guide to Buy Best Waterproof Smartwatches

While there are many factors to remember while purchasing a smartwatch, water resistance is important, and you shouldn’t skip it. While checking for a water-resistant smartwatch, you will often see IPX written next to it.

But what is the IPX rating?

If you love to run in the rain or a filmy one who loves to dance around whenever it rains, you will be a fan of waterproof smartwatches.

Also, if you love to go on adventures, there is a good chance of dust particles around you. So, the next time you shop for a splash-resistant smartwatch, consider the dust resistance too. 

You will often see IPXX (figures in place of XX) mentioned in the specs of a smartwatch. To simplify it, the first X denotes dust resistance, and the next X denotes water resistance. 

Technically, IP stands for ‘Ingress Protection Rating’ or even ‘International Protection Rating.’ Ingress protection means how good your device is at stopping external factors from entering it.

In simpler terms, the IP rating is the number given to a device for its resistance against factors such as water or dust. If your smartwatch has a good IP rating, like (beatXP Smartwatches with IP68 water resistance), you are good to spill through the thrills! 

You can swim with a good IP rating smartwatch and still track all your progress without fearing damaging your gadget. 

There, of course, is a limit to how much water or dust a gadget can fight. That is where the IP rating comes into play.

You are good to go as long as it’s just rain, some water while you’re freshening up, or even a swim. But just submerging your smartwatch for hours (like in the case of scuba diving) can cause some damage.

Best beatXP Smart watches That Let You Spill Through the Thrills

After sensing the huge demand for water-resistant smartwatches, we at beatXP curated some smartwatches designed to be unstoppable!

Be it the swim season or just a run in the rain; you can do it all worry-free with the following smartwatches:

beatXP Vega Series- best collection of waterproof smart watch

This beautiful round dial series has two smartwatches- beatXP Vega and Vega X. Both offer IP68 dust and water resistance.

You can swim while tracking your progress underwater on your smartwatch and even run in the rain. Don’t worry if you spill water while washing up; your smartwatch is built to withstand that. Apart from IP68 water resistance, here are other features of this budget-friendly smartwatch series:

  • 1.43″ Round display
  • BT calling/Instant notifications
  • Health and sleep monitoring
  • 100+ Sport modes 
  • Voice assistant (Vega)
  • Menstrual alerts 
  • Long battery
  • Watch faces 

The beatXP Vega collection is starting at just 2,499 on our website. Explore now.

beatXP Marv Series:

An elegant series of waterproof smart watches, The Marv series offers you three premium-design smartwatches- all water resistant. 


Besides being IP68 water resistant, the Marv Series is an excellent smartwatch for health monitoring, sleep tracking, BT calling and more. 

beatXP Marv and Marv Neo have 60+ sports modes, including swimming. This smartwatch series featuring a 1.85″ display lets you track your progress underwater.

Being the perfect blend of design and features, you can grab this collection for 2,499 and 1,999, respectively. 

On the other hand, Marv Super features a big, bright 2.0″ display along with ip68 water resistance. The smartwatch doesn’t lose its charm underwater or during a thunderstorm or heavy rain. You can keep wearing it, and it will monitor your health, sleep, fitness etc. Marv Super is available for 2199. 

Links to buy these budget-friendly waterproof smartwatches: 

beatXP Marv- INR 1,799, beatXP Marv Neo- INR 1,399, and beatXP Marv Super- INR 1,799

beatXP Unbound and Unbound Neo:

Designed to give you unbound brilliance and reliability, the Unbound and Unbound Neo smartwatch is also IP68 water resistant. Go for a swim, and walk in the rain worry-free, as your smartwatch can take all that splash without getting damaged. 

Apart from the water resistance in the Unbound series, here are some other features that you will get:

  • 1.8″ AMOLED display
  • BT calling
  • Health monitoring
  • Sleep tracking
  • 100+ sports modes
  • Long battery life
  • Female health monitoring (Unbound Neo)
  • Multiple watch faces
  • Games

While Unbound costs you INR 3,999, Unbound Neo can be yours at INR 1,999. Grab now! 

The adventures await, so hurry and grab your water-resistant beatXP smartwatches at the best price. As mentioned above, our range of smartwatches does not just offer water resistance but comes with many other features that are necessary for a smartwatch. Try this collection; we are sure you won’t regret it!

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