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Best Round Dial Smartwatches: Combining Style and Class

Are you someone who loves to step out in style? Is it your classy formal corporate look, a casual day off, or a cosy night out? Well, we have no doubts about your wardrobe; we are just here to combine that style and class you have with the design and tech we have! 

Because of their distinctive styling and traditional, out-class design, round dial smartwatches have always been a favourite. History says that the first attempt at making a wristwatch was also circular.

The oldest but elegant and truly finest stopwatches were also round. 

Like every other industry, watches constantly evolved with time and came to the era of smartwatches. Curated by paying scrupulous attention to detail and tech, smartwatches can monitor your health, sleep and fitness around the clock.

Versatile in style, smartwatches go with almost every look you want. Apart from that, smartwatches are also capable of helping you make calls from your wrist, control music and even take an ECG! 

We bring you some of the best round-dial smartwatches we perfected. We are sure you are going to love them.

Our Vega Collection – Best Round Dial Smartwatches

Synonymous with perfection, beatXP Vega and Vega X radiate brilliance and elegance on your wrist. As the name suggests, Vega is a bright smartwatch that offers you 1000 nits peak brightness on a stunning 1.43” HD display.

The 2.5D curvaceous glass adds to the beauty of this wonderful piece of technology and allows you to shine bright throughout! Vega X Smartwatch with 1.43” Round AMOLED Display & BT Calling - Silver

On the other hand, beatXP Vega X offers 500 nits peak brightness but comes with one special additional feature- wireless charging.

Forget about the hassle of wires and charge your smartwatch quickly with the wireless charger.

Both Vega and Vega X have an appealing, always on display and beautiful round classic design that adds grace to every look of yours. 

What makes the Vega collection shine so bright? 

Here are all the other features of Vega and Vega X that will leave you spellbound!

  • 1.43” Round display
  • BT calling/Instant notifications
  • Health and sleep monitoring
  • 100+ Sport modes 
  • Voice assistant (Vega)
  • IP68 Water resistance 
  • Menstrual alerts 
  • Long battery
  • Watch faces 

Celebrate the essence of the classic look with the beatXP Vega collection, available on our website

Experience the Exactness with beatXP Exact Smartwatch

This smartwatch is what you thought of when you read the name. Classic by style and accurate by nature, beatXP Exact is a marvelous round-dial smartwatch designed for excellence. 

Featuring a 1.32” round display, beatXP Exact is a medical-grade smartwatch with 6 precise health sensors for the most accurate vital health readings.

With this smartwatch, you can take an exact ECG and get a detailed analysis on your app.

This unmatched precision helps you detect abnormalities in time to assess sudden risks. Also, with the unique remote monitoring feature, you can track your loved ones’ health from any corner of the world.

All you have to do is sync their Exact smartwatches with the Exact app on your phone. 

Here, take a look at all the other features that will leave you impressed: 

  • Precise health sensors 
  • ECG monitoring
  • Remote monitoring
  • Calls/notification alerts 
  • 1.32” round display
  • Fitness tracking
  • Sleep monitoring 
  • Multiple sport modes
  • Water resistance 

Own this aesthetically classic high-resolution 360*360 touch display for just Rs 3,999 on our website.

The original price is Rs 11,999, so this is a deal you shouldn’t miss. 

We hope our collection of round-dial smart watches suits your needs and you find what you’re looking for. You can also explore other smartwatches on our website with all the latest features and make a choice! 



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