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Must Read: A Helpful Whey Protein Buying Guide For Beginners in 2024

This is a must-read for anyone who is thinking about starting to include whey protein in their diets

Spending hours in the gym? Training hard to build those muscles? Well, we hate to burst the bubble, but it’s of no use until your dietary requirements are met. You need the perfect protein intake daily to ensure your body gets the much needed nutrition. The best way to achieve all that instantly and effectively is to start consuming protein. 

If you are a beginner, you might have a lot of questions about whey, and this is the perfect guide for you to understand what whey protein is, which is the best whey protein for beginners muscle gain/weight loss, and more. 

What is Whey Protein? 

Derived from milk, initially whey protein was not recognized as its benefits were not known. As you must know milk has two primary proteins- casein and whey. The majority portion is casein whereas only a small amount is whey. It is extracted from milk during the cheese making process. To help you understand in a simple manner, whey is the residue left after milk is strained to make cheese. 

It is obviously not consumed just after extraction, there are several processing and filtration methods that whey undergoes to become what is known as whey protein powder. It is then consumed with water, milk or even mixed with smoothies. 

Whey protein is of different kinds viz concentrate, isolate or hydrolysate. All differ mainly in composition. Here is a short guide to help you understand which one you should choose: 

Mainly it depends what your requirement is. Are you looking for the best whey for beginners, best whey for muscle gain, best whey for beginners weight loss or are you generally looking to get the desired protein intake in your body? 

Whey Concentrate:

The most commonly consumed whey is whey protein concentrate. Also, it is the best protein for beginners. It has 70-80% of protein concentrate and the fat is limited. The concentration of protein differs with each brand. Whey concentrate gives you the needed nutrition and helps you build muscles and reach your fitness goals. 

Also, you can checkout our latest invention, EDIT Whey Protein which is 100% concentrate and comes with a very new and fresh concept of having new flavors every day (har din naya flavor). Here is the quick explanation by Actor Ali Fazal:

Whey Isolate:

Whey isolate filters out most of the fat content and the average protein concentration reaches to about 85-90% (can differ from brand to brand). If you want lean muscles, and if you are training for some event like a marathon or some important sport series, whey isolate may work the best for you. 

Whey Hydrolysate:

For this kind, protein undergoes a process of breakdown where long protein chains are simplified into simpler ones to help improve absorption and reduce the chance of allergic reactions. If you feel your stomach doesn’t digest whey easily, this kind might suit you the best. 

Choosing the right whey protein for your body: 

If the sole reason why you are consuming supplementary protein is weight gain, whey isolate is the option for you, as it’s the best whey for muscle gain. 

A common issue among people is lactose intolerance. If you happen to have the same issue, isolate or hydrolysate is the best whey for you. 

If you are simply looking to provide your body with the needed nutrients, and help your performance, muscle gain, recovery, whey concentrate will do wonders for you. It is also the best whey protein for beginners. 

You also can belong to the group of people who cannot consume whey everyday because you get bored of the same flavor or rather flavorless whey. You can try the brand beatXP. They have different protein options with different flavors for every day of the week. 

beatXP Encourages You to “#KhudKoBana Fearlessly” in New Campaign Ft. Ali Fazal

What makes whey protein your ultimate fitness partner? 

  • Enhances your performance
  • Helps with weight management
  • Improves digestion
  • Muscle building
  • Muscle recovery
  • Repairs muscle  
  • Stronger bones
  • Reduces muscle fatigue/soreness
  • Increases lean muscle mass
  • Provides needed nutrients

When should you consume whey protein? This is also a common question that people have, especially when you are a beginner. The truth is you can have it anytime-pre or post workout. Just figure out what your fitness goals are, and you will find the best protein for you.


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beatXP Encourages You to “#KhudKoBana Fearlessly” in New Campaign Ft. Ali Fazal

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Why Whey Protein Can Be Your Ultimate Fitness Partner?