Benefits of Push-Up Board
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Unknown Benefits of a Push Up Board System

Push-ups are one of the most basic exercises that everyone has done in their lifetime.

But, if this simple exercise is done correctly could lead to great transformation in upper body strength & shape.

Push-ups help us train a group of muscles – including chest, shoulders & triceps and there are multiple hands and body positions in which we can do push-ups that could lead to better outcomes or basically help us train all upper body muscles.   

Research has shown that people doing push-ups on a regular basis still not do it correctly, and are not aware about all the hand & body positions of doing the push-ups.

Wouldn’t it be great if this small problem could be solved by a simple gadget that would increase the effectiveness of your push-ups by manifold.

Let’s understand how push-up board system works and what are the different benefits of this revolutionary device that could effectively increase the outcome of our upper body strength training. 

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Benefits of a Push Up Board System (Push up Benefits)

  • Wrist Health

You might not know but the only drawback of doing regular push-ups without hand support is that it may hurt our wrists as it puts more strain on our wrist muscles due to the flat position of our palms.

The handles provided in the push board system make sure that the hands, forearms & wrists all are in a straight line and hence protecting your wrists from the additional strain.

  • Wide Range of Push-Up Variations: 

Without the push-up board system, it would be really difficult to try all the variations of push-ups.

As manually it is not possible to place our hand in the right pattern every time.

Whereas a push-up board system will not only help us do all the variations of a push-ups such as Narrow grip push-ups, wide grip push-ups, diamond push-ups, reverse grip push-ups.

Like push-ups, L-sit, and many more, it will also allow us to do more quality push-ups by engaging more muscles in the right manner.

The famous proverb aptly fits for people switching to push-up board system i.e Quality matters over Quantity.

So, the bottom line is to focus on doing more quality push-ups with all the possible variations to effectively build upper body strength as compared with doing more number of push-ups in a wrong manner. 

  • A Better Workout:

A better workout is defined which helps us get better results quickly without hurting our body in the wrong manner.

Push-up board system ensures minimum strain on our wrist muscles, let us engage & train more muscles by providing different variations and lastly, it also elevates the body angle to increase the range of motion by allowing more space.

Improves range of motion results in better muscle gains and flexibility. Researchers found that a longer range of motion is far beneficial for strength gains and for muscle size.

Researchers also suggested the people who neglect the proper range of motion to lift heavier weights are leaving lots of gains on the table.

  • Double as Parallettes:

While push-up board specifically help in training all upper body muscles – Shoulders, Chest & Triceps, these boards also make advanced gymnastics easier. 

Exercises such as planche push-ups, L-sits & handstands can also be done easily with Push Up Board system.

If you do all these advanced gymnastics on push-up board, then you are putting the entire body weight on bent wrists which could do more harm than good.

Try push board system for all such exercises and get better gain with each workout session.

Features – Are Push Up Board Effective? 

  • Material:

Heavy-duty, lightweight, premium plastic “plug & press” push-up rack with multiple angles, double locker non-slip hand grips, portable, simple assembly perfect for home, travelling, outdoor, office etc.

  • Perfect Workout Solution:

Develop muscles, reduce weight, and build upper body strength with our power push-up rack board.

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