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Revive Your Body After Holi: Effective Way to Deal with Muscle Fatigue

There can be a no. of factors around any festivity that causes you muscle ache, fatigue or soreness. But what if we tell you we have an instant solution for you? 

The “bura na maano, holi hai” season is upon us, and everyone’s thrilled. Cleaning houses (which later are anyways going to be destroyed with the happy spirit of holi colors), buying and making gujiya, water balloons, colors, and whatnot! Afterall, Holi is a happy, colorful festival! 

While everyone is set to hear the hues and cries of children running across the streets with water balloons, and throwing them at anyone they see, we are more interested in helping you recover post Holi! The cleaning, the running around with your kids, the holi parties, the shopping, it can exhaust your body causing severe muscle fatigue and soreness. 

Don’t worry, this time you wouldn’t need a week to recover, we are bringing you the best massage guns to help you recover fast, and return to your normal schedule faster!

The constant preparations and actually executing the whole festival can be tiring, there is no denying that! You might be standing for long, shopping for even longer, which can lead to tired feet and sore calf muscles. Additionally, we all know how we start to clean our houses like never before whenever a festival is near.

Lifting things here and there, cleaning corners, redecorating, can lead to soreness in arms, your neck and shoulders. 

But after the big day is over and you wake up the next morning, you can barely move your arms and legs, right? Well, this is where we come in for your rescue. 

What is a deep tissue massage?

In simple terms, deep tissue massage is a technique that puts sustained pressure on the inner layers of your muscles, and helps you relax and reduce tension.

Additionally, it reduces inflammation and helps improve circulation. Don’t worry, we ain’t asking you to make an appointment and visit a massage therapist, we know that seems like a task. But what if we told you our massage gun can help you with a deep tissue massage right at the comfort of not just your home, but your bed!

Ergonomically designed, the beatXP Bolt massage gun is easy to use, carry and helps with instant pain relief by targeting any specific muscle groups that are in pain. It’s like a self-massage which is expert-like and can help with instant recovery from holi muscle soreness.  

Along with giving you the perfect deep tissue massage, a massage gun basically is considered to work on the principle of percussion therapy.  Percussion therapy is not new, it has been around for ages. It uses rapid and repetitive pressure on your muscles combined with vibration therapy to help your muscles relax and recover. Let’s help you understand what the benefits of using a massage gun for post Holi-recovery are:

  • Instant Relaxation: All the hard work you put your body through can cause your muscles to become stiff, and you might feel fatigue. Using a massage gun instantly soothes your muscles, and helps you recover. The different massage heads for different muscle groups give you a deep massage-like experience, and you’ll actually feel how quickly the muscles start to relax. A must-have post holi, right? 


  • Reduce Inflammation: Be it shopping or cleaning, or playing around with kids, your body exerts a lot during any festival. Using a massage gun on your feet and calf muscles can instantly reduce inflammation and help with recovery. 


  • Improved Blood Circulation: The use of a massage gun has proven to actually improve the blood circulation in your body. This happens because a good massage is capable of bringing oxygen rich blood cells to damaged and tense muscles, helping the circulation. The pressure that is created by this massage helps blood flow in congested areas, and you’ll actually feel better in a short while of using a massage gun. 


  • Prevents Injuries: This one is our most favorite benefit of using a massage gun. If you know you have a busy day coming up, you can use a massage gun before exertion. It helps prepare your muscles by warming them up, and reducing any soreness. So, when you start to move, your motion has already been increased by the massage, hence you’ll be able to prevent injuries and work productively! 


  • Sleep Well: If you use a massage gun before going to sleep, it relaxes your central nervous system, and signals your body that it’s time for some rest. 


  • Carefree Enjoyment: When you improve your blood circulation, and you have reduced inflammation, and no muscle soreness, you’ll be able to enjoy the festival more. Right? 


For those who workout, or have just begun, DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness can cause a pause in your holi celebrations. DOMS can trigger anytime you are working out or post working out, and can stay for 24-72 hours. It, basically, is the microscopic tears of muscle fibers and build-up of metabolic wastes within muscles.

The most common causes are muscle overuse, muscle strains, muscle pulls, and delayed onset muscle soreness can definitely restrict your activity. 

But, the good news is that we can help with that recovery as well, and it will certainly be instant! Using a massage gun improves circulation to the affected area as it brings oxygen filled nutrients to your muscles, which helps with recovery. An excellent post holi celebration recovery tool, a massage gun improves your flexibility and mobility, helping you move around with no soreness at all.

This holi, let loose and enjoy without worrying about your post holi recovery. Shop all you want, redecorate all you want, run around and have those water and color fights, dance your heart out! And when it comes to the following morning, don’t worry, the beatXP massage gun will help you with a lightning recovery.

All you gotta do is order your gun at a discounted price from our website or from any of the e-commerce sites. 

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