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Benefits of Resistance Bands- Ultimate Weapon for all type of Strength Training

Did you know that Resistance Bands were originally made for physiotherapy purposes and they were first made from surgical tubing only! Moving a few decades ahead and now they have become the new symbol of strength training where you need not to do any heavy weight lifting or long-duration cardio. 

If you haven’t seen these amazing resistance bands at your gym or your fitness enthusiast friends using it every morning, let me inform you that they are one of the most trending items to be sold post-covid era. If every other person was buying it for fitness training then there must be some real benefits of these resistance bands which we are not aware of. Let’s understand what resistance bands are and how they work?

What are Resistance Bands and How do they work?

Resistance bands are made up of natural latex or rubber in a flat or tubular shape. They are stretchable and come in different thicknesses & widths. The thicker the band width, the harder it would be to stretch it. The best part of resistance bands is that we can pretty much work on every muscle with resistance bands. 

Different Types of Resistance Bands explained?

Flat Bands – One of the most popular brands that you may have come across in the gym. They don’t have handles with them and they do come in different widths & sizes for different types of strength training. Being the smallest of all types of resistance bands they are mostly used for rehabilitation purposes.

Pull Up Bands – Pull Up Bands add more resistance to exercises due to their thickness and add more benefits when it comes to body-building and adding more moves to the workout. Like flat bands, they are also color-coded and each color offers different resistance

Resistance Tubes – The design of resistance tubes came from the first original design, which was made using surgical tubing. They are made up of 100% natural latex and they have a hard tubular exterior. The best part of resistance tubes is that they have handles which give them an added advantage of getting anchored anywhere, making it easier to do work out in a gym-like setup. 

Figure 8 Band – The name aptly defines its name & usage. It is easy to use and is an excellent choice for those who are planning to start with strength training

Lateral Resistance Bands: They work very similar to flat bands but they have an additional strap/cuff designed to fit on the ankles and they are designed to target the lower body only. 

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The Benefits of Resistance Bands?

  1. Inexpensive: With a one-time investment of just a few hundreds you get a set of resistance tubes with which you can do all types of strength training. It would save you time & monthly gym costs and you would end up saving lakhs of tens of thousands of rupees in a year.
  2. Portable: They would easily fit in your laptop or duffle bag and you could easily carry them anywhere even during your travels or at your office or gym as well. As they are highly portable, you would never miss on your daily reps and that would even make it more effective than a gym.
  3. Adaptable: They are highly adaptable to do any type of strength training and with different resistance levels and availability of door anchor would even make them suitable to do strength training for all body parts – be it upper body workout or lower body strength training.
  4. Rehabilitation & Stretching: Resistance Bands could also be used for rehabilitation purposes as well. Since they come in all types of resistance levels, they are ideal to do stretching which helps in improving the overall flexibility of joints & muscles and would help you in quick recovery post-injury.  
  5. Easy to Learn: You could easily pick the technique of using resistance bands within minutes and they can even be used to modify many familiar exercises as well such as squats, lateral leg raises and many more. You could use them to even create your own customized set of exercises suitable to your body type.
  6. Full Body Workout: Resistance bands come with a set of handles, door anchor, 2 cushioned straps, 2 ankle straps, and different resistance levels which make them suitable to do both upper body & lower body strength training. Instead of overloading your muscles with heavy dumbbell weight, start your strength training with varying level resistance bands focusing on your core body strength and helping you do the full-body workout.

How effective are resistance bands for Strength Training?

They are perfect for strength training as you could stretch, train & strengthen every muscle with Resistance Bands. Over a steady period of time you would see noticeable changes in your muscle mass. Just make sure that every time you try to beat your personal best and steadily increase the resistance level of the band on a weekly basis. Try to push for more reps if you want to gain strength quickly & effectively. Resistance Bands are perfect for endurance training as you could hit higher reps faster as compared to weight training.  

Can I gain Muscle Mass or tone down my muscles with Resistance Bands?

In short, YES. One of the main benefits of Resistance Bands is to quickly gain or tone your muscles. Needless to say, if you are not a beginner, then it is one of the most useful pieces of equipment for you to get results quickly. 

Weights will help you if you want to bulk up much faster as they put more strain on your muscles but it is not advisable to use them in the first place. Resistance bands will help you train more holistically and would focus more on your core body strength. So, progress to bulky weights only when you have mastered the resistance bands at all different levels completely. And, you could always use the resistance bands to maintain endurance, along with weights, as you could easily hit your reps anytime anywhere with resistance bands.

Can I lose weight as well with Resistance bands?

This is one of the most common questions people come across when they think of using resistance bands. As resistance bands promote physical activity, which in turn would help them burn extra calories and hence would be very effective in losing weight if used on a regular basis.

Just make sure that you stay hydrated, use the resistance bands 3-4 times a week, and take good nutrition & vitamins while working out with resistance bands.  

Starting your day with high-intensity cardio & then using resistance bands for strength & endurance training would be a perfect combination to lose weight & gain muscle mass.

beatXP Resistance Tubes – Set of 5 

The beatXP Five multicolor rubber pull string ( a.k.a Resistance Tubes ) will help you get in better shape without the risk of lifting heavyweights. These 100% natural latex strong rubber tubes offer a compact, travel-ready resistance training alternative. Resistance tube provides a smooth and consistent stretch action which helps to get strength in your muscles. Soft handles provide a comfortable and slip-free grip, presenting a product for fitness at your home or office. 

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5-COLOR RESISTANCE BANDS: Black(30 lbs), Blue(25 lbs), Red(20 lbs), Green(15 lbs), Yellow(10 lbs).
HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Made of 100% latex, the exercise Bands are extremely durable, which will maintain their resistance for a long time.
ON-THE-GO GYM: Compact and travel-friendly size make portability a breeze to and from the gym. Provides full-body workout anytime & anywhere.
SUITABLE FOR ALL EXERCISES: Five multicolor rubber pull strings will help you with different types of exercise. Perfect for toning your arms, shoulders, chest, glutes, legs etc.


  • 5 fitness bands with 5 resistance levels, you can freely choose the appropriate training intensity.
  • The fitness band is made of 100% natural high-quality latex, non-toxic, odorless, and harmless to the skin.
  • It is 5 Colors Adjustable Resistance Bands Yellow 10 lbs, Green 15 lbs, Red 20 lbs, Blue 25 lbs, Black 30 lbs.
  • All exercise bands are can be used alone stacked or in any combination to a maximum equivalent of 100 lbs
  • The length of this resistance tube is 100CM. The maximum stretch capacity is 170CM.
  • COMPLETE EXERCISE ACCESSORIES — Included in the package are 5 fitness resistance bands, a carrying bag, a door anchor, 2 cushioned straps, 2 ankle straps, 1 workout guide, and 1 workout poster.

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