Smartwatches compatible with android phone
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Smartwatches Compatible with Android Phones

Did you ever think we would come to a stage where time would be the least impressive feature of a watch? Well, smartwatches have made that happen. Just telling us the date and time is no longer a watch’s job, but taking care of your health, fitness, sleep, and stress is. 

Smartwatches have come a long way. While many of them focus on being your ultimate health and fitness companions, other advanced smartwatches allow you to handle calls right from your wrist. The calling feature is possible because of the enhanced BT setup in smartwatches that pair with your Android device and lets you control things like calls, messages, and music from your wrist without waking your phone. 

If you want to be more productive at work (like handling calls, to-do lists, and alarms) on your watch, or if you want to work out without worrying about who’s calling, we have handpicked the perfect smartwatches for you. These smartwatches are easy to pair with your Android device, making your life easier and your work productive! 

beatXP Marv Series

The Marv series by beatXP features three smartwatches:

  • beatXP Marv
  • beatXP Marv Super
  • beatXP Marv Neo 

All these smartwatches make pairing seemingly effortless and make your user experience smooth. They instantly connect with your Android device and carry a good range. You can attend calls, make calls and even answer texts from your wrist. null

All these smartwatches are powered by EzyPair technology and have contacts and call log synchronization. The speaker lets you say hello from your wrist, redefining your call experience. 

You will be surprisingly amazed by the look of the beatXP Marv series! Both the smartwatches feature beautiful, large and bright displays; the Marv collection goes with your every look and will surely make a style statement!

beatXP Marv and Marv Neo have a 1.85” display size and 560 nits peak brightness. The large display makes it easier for you to dial from your smartwatch. On the other hand, Marv Super features a supremely large 2.0” display and 500 nits peak brightness for extra clarity. 

Apart from being easily compatible with Android, the Marv series can track your health, sleep, and fitness around the clock. They are also IP68 water-resistant smartwatches and multiple sports modes to keep you active and going. 

Buy now for unbeatable prices. 

beatXP Marv- INR 2499, beatXP Marv Neo- INR 1999, and beatXP Marv Super- INR 2199

beatXP Vega Series 

The Vega series by beatXP feature two radiating smartwatches:

  • beatXP Vega
  • beatXP Vega X 

Designed to be one of the best smartwatches for BT calling, the Vega series is an ideal choice for you. With BLE 5.1 and BT 3.0, your smartwatch will connect with your Android within seconds and offer you the best calling experience. You can receive notifications on your wrist and always stay on top of your game. Vega also features a voice assistant that executes tasks at your command. null

Additionally, the classic round dial design of the Vega series truly appeals to the eye. Vega and Vega X come with a 1.43” round display and shine bright on your wrist night and day (Always on Display). This way, all your health vitals, sleep goals, calls, and notifications are just a glance away! 

Buy Vega and Vega X for an exclusive price of INR 2999 on our website. 

beatXP Unbound Series 

The Unbound series features two smartwatches:

  • beatXP Unbound
  • beatXP Unbound Neo 

Featuring a 1.8” display size, the Unbound Series is also one of the best smartwatches compatible with your Android device. You can easily pair your smartwatch with your phone and track your calls and messages on your wrist all the time. The Unbound Series also has an in-built EzyPair technology to enhance your calling experience.

Also, Unbound Neo has a 60Hz refresh rate, allowing you to use your smartwatch seamlessly and effortlessly. 

While Unbound costs you INR 3999, Unbound Neo can be yours at INR 2799. Grab now and experience unbound brilliance. 

With the maximum population using Android because of many factors, these smartwatches are the perfect addition to the collection. Budget-friendly, stylish, and compatible- the best tech gadgets for you!

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